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Grease Traps

CBio's stainless steel greasebeta grease traps (fat traps) are the core element of any grease management system. They can work alone, or alongside, a biological dosing system to keep grease traps cleaner.

Grease traps are a simple, cost effective means of separating grease and/or food from a kitchen's waste stream. 

In so doing they prevent fat and food debris from collecting in the drainage network and reduce the risk of drain and sink blockages, rat infestations and odours.

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What is a grease trap?

  • A simple way to prevent FOG waste from commercial kitchens entering drains.
  • Includes an in-built food solids strainer
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Available in a variety of sizes (from 5litre to 200litre capacity)
  • CBio's can advise on the right size of grease trap for your sit
  • Requires basic plumbing connections into the upstream and downstream drains
  • Easily installed by CBio's engineers

Grease traps can be used in:

  • Smaller sites where room isn’t available for a grease recovery unit
  • Sites where staff have time to maintain the system

Benefits of grease traps:

  • They can cope with waste flow ranging from a coffee machine to multiple potwash sinks
  • They are a good starting point for sites which have no grease management systems (which, by law they must)
  • They can be an affordable option

Maintenance Options

  • Regular maintenance is needed from on-site staff, including regular emptying of fat
  • Traps are easy to maintain if they are regularly looked after. Biological dosing will help keep grease traps cleaner.
  • Frequency of maintenance depends on how fast food debris accumulates, but can be required daily
  • Separated fat needs to be collected and disposed of

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Greasebeta: Grease Management Solutions by CBio

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