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Grease Management for Restaurants

Calling all tiny tea rooms and international fast food giants… and everywhere in between! 

When food is handled in a commercial kitchen, fat, food, oil and grease (FOG) waste can harden in pipes, causing blocked drains and sewer blockages. Serious penalties are being imposed by water companies on businesses of all sizes; anything from a substantial fine to business closure.

Why do restaurants need to think about  grease waste?

“We had to empty our septic tanks four or five times a year, sometimes more often. It cost £800 each time. But now we only have to empty them half as often and so it’s a big saving. In addition we don’t have so many other fat related problems such as blocked drains and smells.”

Brocksbushes Farmshop

It’s your responsibility to ensure that adequate measures are in place to counteract and/or prevent fat, food debris, oil and grease (FOG) waste going down your sinks. CBio's greasebeta solutions are an effective means of such grease management. CBio has saved millions of pounds across a varied range of businesses. 

Restaurants which have benefitted from CBio’s solutions include:

So whether your establishment has one effluent outlet or ten, CBio can tailor a grease management solution to your FOG needs and budget.

Common problem areas

At CBio we believe grease management should be part of every good planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programme for restaurants. Solving reactive maintenance problems is often more costly than implementing affordable systems in the first place. So where might you find grease problems lurking in a restaurant kitchen;

Pot washes and rinse sinks get blocked with fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste. Food debris is also washed down the sink and helps the oil and grease solidify in pipes more easily

Cutlery washing creates small particles of debris which accumulate in the waste water, which helps the waste oil to solidify in the drains.

Decarbonising units which clean baking trays etc are usually emptied on a monthly basi; often into drains and can cause serious obstructions. 

Laundry facilities to clean grease-laden cloths and/or mop heads. The discharged water poses a serious blockage risk to drains and the sewer network.

You may have no grease management in your restaurant kitchen, or you may need to upgrade your existing systems, to make sure you avoid serious problems like the ones we have encountered below:

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